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Our forest working group is specially dedicated on forest area cleaning, also including pruning tasks and phytosanitary treatments against plagues such as pine processionary. Furthermore, emphasize on forest cleaning tasks combined with vegetation control by equine to help avoid fire.

A well-cared rustic land protected against pests is safer for everyone.

We keep large tracts of land free of pests and vegetal debris, significantly reducing the risk of fire and keeping vegetation under control.

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Fire Control

Pest Control

Use of equine livestock

Forestal cleaning

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If you have an agricultural property, we can help you take care of it.


We have compiled some of the most common questions from our clients. If you have any questions and do not find the answer, please contact us.

We can contribute to the sustainable development of rural areas by using extensive livestock for vegetation control. Thus, we also help prevent forest fires.

We mostly carry out treatments for pests such as the pine processionary, the hairy caterpillar, “the palm heart borer”, or the red palm weevil. We generally carry out treatments against pests that may cause mechanical damage, deformation or growth damage to trees.

Yes, we can prune trees located in forest areas thanks to our personnel specialised in work at heights.

Forestal cleaning for safe environments.

More than 25 years serving our customers

Our objective has always been to take care of the vegetation in our environment, regardless if it is in gardens or agricultural properties. For this reason, we offer this service, which not only keeps the areas cared for, but also protects them against pests and fires.

Great knowledge of the rustic land
Pest detection and treatment
Pruning in forestal environments