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Endotherapy treatments

We, at Jardines Campaner, are pioneers in Mallorca with respect to the use of the endotherapy systems in the application of phytosanitary products for the control of pests and tree diseases.


We are a pioneer company in pest control using endotherapy. Do you wish to know how we do it?

How does this process work? Endotherapy is a method of pest control in trees which is an alternative to traditional aerial and fumigation treatments, through the injection of phytosanitary or phyto-fortifying substances into the trunk itself.

Benefits of using Endotherapy for pest and disease control

It is not aggressive

It does not pollute or generate waste

It does not cause allergies

It does not harm wildlife

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We, at Jardines Campaner, are pioneers in Mallorca with respect to the use of the endotherapy systems


Developed in the United States over 15 years ago, the endotherapy system comes in Europe as a novelty in injection systems as it is the only system that does not cause damage to the trunk of the tree or palm tree and it is much more efficient than most of the other systems.

It also has the advantage of being able to focus the treatment, thus avoiding unselective treatments.

This system consists of injecting a phytosanitary or phyto-fortifying substance into the trunk that is distributed throughout the vascular system of the plant, which reaches the tips of the trees, regardless of how tall they are.

No, it is not. One of the main features of our products is the absence of nebulisation or atomisation of chemicals in the environment, or the total harmlessness for the health of citizens, which allows them to be used at any time of the day.

Endotherapy treatments for plants and trees.

Do you need further information about our endotherapy treatments in Mallorca?

This direct injection system without drilling:

  • Is NOT aggressive with trees, as no drilling is performed. It does not cause damage in the bark nor in the wood.
  • Its mechanical resistance is not reduced by the action of the wind.
  • Does NOT pollute the environment nor does it spray the product.
  • Does NOT produce allergies nor toxic reactions to people.
  • Respects beneficial insects and fauna.
  • Can be applied at any time of the day, and it is effective even if it rains after the treatment.
  • Has a long durability, months or even years.
  • Reaches the tops of the trees, regardless of how tall they are.
  • Using these products entails great savings, since the volume and the consumables are low, as their elements, needles, containers, etc. are reused many times.
  • Is very ecological since it entails zero consumption of energy or compressed air, and the treatment process does NOT generate waste.