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Maintenance of private gardens

At Jardines Campaner we offer high quality in the execution of services, creating spaces for contemplation and enjoyment, taking care of every detail of your garden. It is our intention that our clients perceive a world of sensations when making use of these spaces.

Do not worry about anything, we will take care of your garden.

We know that your home is your temple, and that is why we take care of your outdoor spaces with all the resources at our disposal so that you get the result that you deserve.

Why should you rely on Jardines Campaner for the maintenance of your garden?

You do not have to worry

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Our services reach all of Mallorca

We make use of all our resources

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We take care of your garden so that it is like the first day.


We have compiled some of the most common questions from our clients. If you have any questions and do not find the answer, please contact us.

Just like people, each garden is different. At Jardines Campaner we adapt to each garden and offer the maintenance that you need, not more, not less. In any case, we offer comprehensive maintenance services: pruning, fertilising, clearing of leaves and brushwood, pest detection…

Because we will help you in this regard. We will detect the needs of your garden and we will help you carry out the maintenance if you wish.

The frequency depends a lot on the type of garden that you have. There are spaces with plants that need care once a week, and others that need more or even less than that. In our maintenance proposal we will study your garden and give you answers to all these questions.

Our job entails you not worrying about anything.

More than 25 years serving our customers

We know that a garden well taken care of is of essential importance for the appearance of a house. For this reason, we guarantee that it be healthy and well cared for.

We carry out pest controls
We adapt to our customers
We advise you on what your garden needs